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On Safari For Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness Cookies

Sugar Art for Autism is a multi-faceted collaboration of 100 food artists from around the world who have come together to create a heartfelt and meaningful collection of edible art in honor of Autism Awareness. Please take a look at these Awesome edible works of Art at the Sugar Art For Autism.

I made these cookies to promote Autism Awareness as part of Sugar Art for Autism. I chose a children’s theme of Safari Zoo Animals. I used primary colors and puzzle cookies because primary colors and puzzles pieces are usually associated with Autism. I used different patterns for each of the animals to represent different textures. Children with Autism often choose foods based on their texture.

Autism Awareness Cookie

This was my Safari Sign cookie that says Autism Awareness as the name of the Safari. There are green elephants, yellow giraffes, blue elephants, and red lions on the sign.

Autism Cookies

Red Zebra puzzle cookie and yellow Giraffe puzzle cookie and green Monkey puzzle cookie

Autism Awareness Cookies 3

I cut out the Safari animal shapes in cookie form and baked them. Then I colored fondant and rolled it out. I used pattern mats for make designs in the animals and the letters. I cut out the animal shapes and the letters. I cut some of the animals into puzzle shapes and left some whole to allow the texture to be seen more clearly.

Elephant and Lion cookies

blue Elephant puzzle cookie and red Lion cookie

Gorilla and Hippo Cookies

Green Gorilla puzzle cookie and Blue Hippo Cookie

Lion and Elephant Cookies

Red Lion puzzle cookie and Blue Elephant cookie

Hippo and Gorilla Cookies

Blue Hippo Puzzle cookie and Green Gorilla cookie

Lion and Gorilla Cookies

Green Gorilla puzzle cookie and Red Lion cookie

Monkey Giraffe Cookies

Yellow Giraffe cookie surrounded by green grass cookies and green Monkey cookie and yellow Cheetah cookie

Zebra Cookie

Red Zebra shaped cookie

For these last pictures, I took some animal toys and had fun with different poses with cookies and animals.

Giraffes Walking Cookies

Giraffe cookies and toys walking in a line with green grass on either side

Barrel of Monkeys Cookies

Barrel of Monkeys cookies

Elephant Cookie March

Elephant Cookie Parade March

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies

Rhino Cookie Faceoff

Rhino Cookie Face-off 

Through their endeavors, the Sugar Artists in Sugar Art for Autism hope to shatter misconceptions, bring awareness to Autism and also draw people’s attention to The Global Autism Project  and National Autism Association, two well-deserving charities whose hard work and never ending efforts often go unnoticed. Please take a look a these charities and donate if you can.