Superb Downton Abbey Cake Inspired By The Drawing Room

Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Drawing Room Painted Ceiling 

This Superb Downton Abbey Cake inspired by The Drawing Room was made for the Downton Abbey Themed Cake Collaboration – A Sweet Farewell To Downton.


Danijela Pulcini 

This Superb cake was made by Danijela Pulcini from Lil Chick Cupcakes.

Here is Danijela’s bio:

Hi I am Danijela from Toronto, Ontario and I am the owner of Lilchickcupcakes.  I started baking when I was a child but I did not realize that baking and decoration would take over all my drive and passion.  I love making sweets of all kinds but making people happy one cake at a time is my mission! I love creating new and exciting cake art and my biggest competition is always me. 
My techniques for cake decoration are quite unusual.  I have a design sitting in my head for a long time before it becomes a cake.  Sometimes I will go with it the way it is.  Sometimes I completely change it, but I still try to keep with the theme and custom design.
I always use naturals and quality ingredients I enjoy making the older style buttercreams, but am always looking for a new innovative ways to use it in my sweets and cakes.
Art is a big part of my cake decorating, as well as making cakes with buttercream that looks clean and almost fondant-like. I enjoy playing with different mediums such as isomalt, wafer paper, rice paper and of course sugar.   I adore flowers so making them is fun past time. 
I really enjoyed this collaboration as it lead me through very creative journey. 


Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Drawing Room

At the top of this Superb Dwonton Abbey Cake are two Drawing room chairs and a table with a lamp on top. The rest of the cake nicely reflects the colors of the Drawing Room.


Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Drawing Room

The detail of the cottages and floral pattern is amazing.


Dwonton Abbey cake

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous flowers on the cake.