Video Tutorial – How To Make A Captain America Minion Cake

The Lovely Baker made this Marvelous video tutorial that shows how to make a Captain America Minion Cake. She takes 5 inch round cake layers and shows how to stack, dowel, and cover the cake in buttercream icing and get it smooth. She rolls out blue fondant and covers the top and then the bottom of the cake. She demonstrates how to do all of the details of the Captain America outfit and the Minion.

This is a Wonderful tutorial because:

  • This tutorial shows you how to build and assemble the cake starting with the cake layers.
  • She shows how to smooth the buttercream icing and get a smooth finish on the cake.
  • She shows how to use two pieces of fondant to cover this really tall cake so the fondant is not as likely to tear.
  • She uses readily available tools like a pizza cutter, an X-Acto knife, two circle cutters, small paint brush, rolling pin, and basic clay modeling tools.
  • She shows how to use another piece of fondant dusted in cornstarch to smooth out fondant on cake.
  • She demonstrates how to make each part of the Minion including the eyes and mouth
  • She shows a creative way to get rounded edges on the Captain America shield