Fabulous Charle Brown and Peanuts Gang At The Movies Cake

Charlie Brown Cake

This Fabulous Charlie Brown Cake was made by Emily Calvo from Delicut Cakes.

This cake features Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Sally, Violet, Franklin, Schroeder, Patty, Frieda, and Woodstock

This Fabulous Charles Schulz Peanuts Gang cake was made for the Cake Con Cake Collaboration. Cake Con international is a collaboration featuring 22 amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by tv series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Emily’s bio:

My name is Emily and I am originally from London, UK, but I have been living in Spain for 29 years. I used to have a delicatessen in England, and that’s where my love of all things sweet began. I teach English, which I combine with the pleasure of creating flowers of all kinds. I have a very inquisitive mind and love to experiment. I enjoy challenging projects and I find inspiration practically everywhere although my favourite places are in nature and garden centres. Together with my daughters, Andrea and Adela, we run Delicut Cakes.Winner of the 1st place at 2015 London Cake International Cake Show – D CategoryWinner of the 2nd place at 2015 Birmingham Cake International Cake Show – B Category Silver award at 2015 London Cake International Cake Show – B category Silver award at 2014 Birmingham Cake International Cake Show – B Category Bronze award at 2014 Birmingham Cake International Cake Show – D Category Bronze award at 2014 Birmingham Cake International Cake Show – Cupcakes Category Winner of the 3rd place at 2014 Expotarta Madrid -Cupcake Category My cakes have been featured in: Diario Montañés Popular TV Satin Ice American Cake Decorating Website American Cake Decorating Cake Craft and Decoration August 2015 Pretty Witty Cakes edition 8   

Here is Emily’s description of her Fabulous cake:

Every Saturday morning, our local cinema ABC in Tooting Bec, London, used to have a 10 o’clock matinee for kids, and there was nothing I liked more than going there with a few friends. Unfortunately it wasn’t that often that we were able to go as money was sparse. When I saw the poster for Peanuts the movie, and because I used to love the comic strips as a child, I based my cake on Peanuts with the main characters laughing and having a good time at the cinema . 
After covering the layercake with a black Fondant base, I made the seats and the armrests. Each figure was first traced out on acetate, and then cut on to a 3mm layer of Satin Ice fondant with a skin tone pigment. There are three layers to each figure, the base layer which is the body, then the clothed layer together with the hair, and lastly the shoes and details like frills or bows. After that, I outlined each using black Aromacake pigment to give each figure a three D effect. I had so much fun making popcorn using an extruder! I then placed each figure on the seat of my “cinema” which were given an old leather texture.

Charlie Brown Cake

Charlie Brown is holding two tubs of popcorn in his hands. Patty is on one side and Violet is sitting on the other side of him.


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