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Awesome Mulan Cake

Mulan Cake

This Awesome Mulan Cake was made by Tissi Benvegna from La Torta che Vuol Tu.

This Fabulous Disney Princess cake was made for the Cake Con Cake Collaboration. Cake Con international is a collaboration featuring 22 amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by tv series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Tissi’s bio:

Tiziana Benvegna, is born in 1973 in Palermo (Sicily), she lives in Rome since 1999. For friends she’s Tissì. After studying art she dedicates to woodcraft; she dedicates too scenic design for events related to the cinema, she follows some ceramic craft classes to realize jewels. After she concentrates on graphic design and web design. In 2010 the first marshmallow paste cake. From that moment the passion for cake design was born. Passion and love for sugar craft become soon a job opportunity. She thinks that profession is a form of art, where every opportunity could become a great achievement… the important thing is to believe. She participated in many events and competitions, the most important is the Cake International London in March 2015, where she won the 1th Gold Award and Best in Show International, she also participated in Birmingham Cake International with Gold Award recognition 

Here is Tissi’s description of her Awesome cake:

My inspiration comes from the energy and strength that this princess represents. I love Mulan because she is a very strong young woman and she doesn’t surrender to the enemy, never. Her life and her courage are a good metaphor of a woman life, and of life in general: every day we have to live facing daily life difficulties and problems, the important thing is never give up even if the enemy seems to be hard to defeat. I think we are all princesses inside thanks to our courage and strength.

Mulan Cake

This Mulan cake has two sides. This side show Mulan as a warrior. There is a red dragon beneath her.

The first side shows Mulan dressed as a bride. She is holding a white umbrella and a gold crown. There are cherry blossoms beneath her.

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