This Octopus Is Having A Ball

Octopus Cake

This Marvelous Octopus Cake was made by Katherina Perez from Super Fun Cakes & More. This octopus is surrounded by tropical flowers and having fun playing with beach balls.

This Marvelous Octopus cake was made for the Sweet Summer Collaboration which is a cake collaboration of more than 200 Cake Artists from around the world to celebrate summer in the sweetest way.


Octopus Cake


Here is Katherina’s description of her Fabulous cake:

Happy to introduce Tom, the octopus!. In reality Tom is me…I will tell you why… Summer for me is the energy charge for the whole year. I need the sun/energy/light to be happy, to produce things, to be creative, to be active, to be positive. In the past I lived in the Netherlands where the weather were/is basically cold and rainy so literally every year I started counting down the days till Summer season, to recharge myself of energy. Now, I am living in a very warm country (Saudi Arabia) here we have summer almost the whole year…so I feel and see the difference…here I wake up with a warm weather, shining sun and I’ve noticed that the energy of the sun is what makes me move and lift the mood! so that is the main reason I did Tom playing, smiling and holding many things because he is exactly like me…in the Summer!



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