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Adorable Klingon and Captain Kirk Cakes

Star Trek Cakes

These Adorable Klingon and Captain Kirk Cakes were made by Stacy Coderre from Sweets by Stacy.

These Adorable Klingon and Captain Kirk Cakes are part of Star Trek Cake Celebration. A group of 35 cake designers and sugar artists from all over the world joined together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  These cakes are associated with the Cake: The Final Frontier – A Celebration of 50 Years of Star Trek Collaboration.   

Here’s Stacy’s bio:

My name is Stacy Coderre. I’m a red seal pastry chef. Now specializing in custom sugar art and decorating. I have been in the food industry for over 20 years and in the last 7 years concentrated on custom edible pieces and displays. I have won numerous awards and placed 1st overall at the Calgary Stampede in 2013. Provided a comic themed cake display at the 10th anniversary of Calgary Comic Expo in 2015, and 2016. I am excited to be sharing another sugar piece for Star Trek. It seems im a comic cake nerd and cant get enough.  

Captain Kirk Cake 

An adorable version of Captain Kirk holding a phaser. He is standing on the Enterprise.

Klingon Cake

Who knew a Klingon warrior could be so adorable!  

This Klingon is holding a Bat’leth in his hands.  He is standing on a Klingon Battle Cruiser.