Two-Face Would Love This Batman vs Joker Cake

Batman Cake

This Splendid Batman vs Joker Cake was made by Cakes With Character. This Batman cake was made for a fortieth Birthday celebration.

The cake was made to look like a paper cutout which is half Batman’s face and the other half is The Joker’s face. There are Joker cards on opposite corners of the cake.

The cake reminds me a lot of Two-Face. Instead of one side of the face being Harvey Dent -sane and on the side of justice- and the other side being malformed and -a villain, One side is Batman -sane and on the side of justice- and the other side is The Joker -a villain. 

The cake is roughly in the shape of a head and chest silhouette. It is covered in red fondant.

The left side of the cake shows part of Batman’s cowl, face, and costume, along with part of the Bat symbol.

The right side of the cake is part of the Joker’s face with the green streak in his hair. It shows his yellow toothy smile and red lips. He is wearing his purple suit with an orange shirt and blue tie and orange bootaneer. 

The yellow and black Bat Symbol is at the top of the cake above Batman’s head.

Batman and The Joker are dressed like the characters in Batman The Animated Series.  This show contains my favorite version of Batman and the Joker.

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