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BATMAN BIRTHDAY WEEK: Catwoman Steals The Show

Catwoman Cookie

This Saturday is Batman’s 80th birthday!  To celebrate Batman’s big day, I’m declaring this Batman Birthday Week on Between the Pages.  Each day, I’m going to feature a cool cake, cake topper, cookie, or pumpkin carving featuring the classic characters that make Gotham City home.

Today, I’m featuring this gorgeous Chibi Catwoman Cookie made by Cookies Art By Shirlyn.  Shirlyn teaches a class on how to make this and other chibi super hero cookies.

Catwoman is my favorite super villain.  She is gorgeous and smart.  She is the ultimate cat burglar. I love her flirtatious relationship with Batman.  Plus, she isn’t psychotic like most of Batman’s villains.

Come back tomorrow – same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel – for Day 5 of Batman Birthday Week, we’ll be visiting 1966.

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