BATMAN BIRTHDAY WEEK: Happy 80th Birthday Batman!

Bruce Lee vs. Batman Cookie


80 years ago today, Detective Comics #27 went on sale.  It introduced a brand new hero named Batman.  Batman would become one of the most popular costumed heroes ever.  He has appeared in so many comic books, cartoons, and movies.  Outside of stories, Batman has been featured in more merchandise than any of us can imagine.  Just for fun, I want to Amazon and searched for Batman.  There are over 80,000 Batman related items on Amazon.  Google has indexed around 650,000 pages related to Batman and that’s just pages in English.

This blog accounts for over 2,700 of those! Needless to say, it was hard to choose one item to feature today.  Since Batman is first and foremost a comic book character, I wanted to feature a piece of edible art that looked like a comic book.  I also wanted if possible to feature Batman in an action scene.  After looking at a ton of post, I chose this absolutely amazing Bruce Lee vs. Batman Cookie made by Frost Me Beautiful Edible Art.  It is based on a drawing by the extremely popular comic book artist Mike Deodato.  It is one of my favorite Batman themed cookies that I’ve posted.


Bruce Lee vs. Batman Cookie

Did you know that Bruce Lee appeared with Batman?  One of the highlights of Batman ‘66 is a two part crossover with the Green Hornet (another favorite of mine).  In those episodes Kato is played by the amazing Bruce Lee.


Bruce Lee vs. Batman Cookie

Bruce Lee vs. Batman Cookie




That’s for visiting Between the Pages. I hope you enjoyed Batman Birthday Week.  I’ll be back again tomorrow, but this time I’ll be featuring something from Batman’s distinguished competition.

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