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A Valentine’s Day Greeting From Olaf

Olaf Valentines Day Cake

This Marvelous Disney Frozen Cake was made by Wendy’s Taarten 4 The Love of Cake.

Disney Frozen Cake

When I saw this cake, I thought of Valentine’s Day and children giving Valentine’s Day cards to each other.

Olaf is holding a red heart in his hands. I can just imagine Olaf walking up to his friend, the birthday person who birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and giving them the red heart.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are sitting on the bottom layer of the cake. Princess Anna has small red hearts in her hand to give to the birthday person for Valentine’s Day. 

There is a red heart between Anna and Elsa with a number 3 to represent the birthday age.

One of the baby snowmen even has a red heart in its hand. 

Disney Frozen Cake

There are small red hearts in the snow and there is an adorable small snowman between Anna and Elsa.

Olaf Cake

Olaf is standing at the top of this cake with a red heart is his hand. There is another smaller heart in the snow beside him.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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