Doctor Who Harry Potter

Marvelous TARDIS and Golden Snitch Cake

Doctor Who Meets Harry Potter Cake

This Marvelous TARDIS and the Golden Snitch cake was made by Pink Cake Box. This cake is a great Doctor Who Harry Potter Cake mashup.

The bottom layer of the cake is white with silhouettes of the London skyline around the sides of the cake.

The top layer of the cake is red with a blue ad gold scarf that has colors similar to the Ravenclaw House in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The blue TARDIS from Doctor Who is on the top of the cake. A giant Golden Snitch is on top of the TARDIS.  I can just imagine The Doctor flying through the middle of a Quidditch game.

This was a Bat Mitzvah cake for someone who loves Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and London.

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