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I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend

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Welcome to The Death of Super Blog Team Up. As the title indicates, this time were all looking at famous deaths of fictional characters.

For my topic, I chose the death of Mr. Spock in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. But before I talk about that, let me back up and talk about Star Trek.

The Enterprise appeared in the credits as Captain Kirk spoke about their 5 year mission. One great thing about Star Trek: The Original Series was the friendship and camaraderie between the main characters. In each episode the Enterprise and its crew would take us on a new adventure.


Starship Enterprise Cake
Starship Enterprise Cake

This Fabulous Star Trek Enterprise Cake was made by Heather Sherman from Art2Eat Cakes. 

The crew of the Starship Enterprise voyage through space ‘to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldy go where no man has gone before.’


Kirk, Spock & McCoy Cake
Kirk, Spock & McCoy Cake

This Fabulous Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, and the Enterprise Cake was made by Elisabete Caseiro from Bety Sugarland Cake Design by Elisabete Caseiro.

Dr. McCoy (Bones), Captain Kirk, and Spock have a special chemistry working together that made the show fun to watch.


Star Trek: The Original Series Cookies
Star Trek: The Original Series Cookies

These Cute Star Trek Cookies were made by Cake Central Member Erica38. They feature Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, and Scotty.

The crew of the Enterprise were more than just co-workers, they were friends.


Star Trek Amok Time Birthday Cake
Amok Time Birthday Cake

Star Trek Amok Time Birthday Cake

This wonderful Star Trek cake was made by SHAM Bakery which is located in San Antonio.  The cake was made for a young Star Trek fan who requested  a cake featuring “the scene where Kirk and Spock are fighting over the mean lady who didn’t even want Spock.”

In the episode ‘Amok Time’, Spock must return to Vulcan or die.  Captain Kirk defies orders and takes Spock back to Vulcan and as Spock’s friend, fights Spock so Spock will not have to fight the other Vulcan and possibly be killed.  At the end of the episode, it appears that Spock has killed Kirk because, unknown to Kirk, the fight was to the death.  Spock replies to T’Pau when she told him to Live long and prosper: ‘I shall do neither: I’ve killed my captain and my friend.’

In this episode Kirk is a friend to Spock and Spock acknowledges their friendship.


Star Trek City on The Edge of Forever Cake
City on The Edge of Forever Cake

This cake recreates the planet surface from the original Star Trek episode “The City on the Edge of Forever”. The cake is triple chocolate with toffee butter cream.   All pieces are made from fondant, and the “sand” is raw sugar. The sign reads “Many such journeys are possible” and is what the Guardian says to Kirk when they return from the past.  This cake was made by Kathy172

In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, City on the Edge of Forever, Spock and Kirk have a comical dialogue with Spock wanting 5 to 6 pounds of Platinum. Captain Kirk responds, ‘Mr. Spock, this bag does not contain platinum, silver or gold, nor is it likely to in the near future.’ Spock replies: ‘Captain, you’re asking me to work with equipment which is hardly very far ahead of stone knives and bear skins.

In another place in this episode, Edith Keeler tells them that she has a few questions and that she feels they are out of place. Spock asks where she thinks they belong. Edith responds to Spock, ‘You? At his side, as if you’ve always been there and always will.’ – Edith recognized their friendship.


Doctor McCoy Pumpkin Carving
Doctor McCoy Pumpkin Carving

Alex Wer  made this Doctor McCoy Pumpkin Carving.

At the beginning of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, McCoy says to Kirk: ‘Jim, I’m your doctor and I’m your friend.’  He advises Jim to get back his command before he really does grow old.


Captain Kirk Pumpkin Carving
Captain Kirk Pumpkin Carving

Alex Wer made these Captain Kirk Pumpkin Carving.

My favorite quote in Star Trek is in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when Spock, as he is dying, says to Kirk: ‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’

Near the beginning of the movie, when Kirk finds out that the Enterprise must go on a mission, he meets with Spock and tells him.  Spock also says that logic dictates ’that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’ Kirk responds ‘or the one’  Spock later tells him,’You are my superior officer. You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours.’

These words are echoed at the end of the movie.


Spock Cupcake
Spock Cupcake

This spectacular Spock Cupcake was made by Cake Central Member Yokko.

Khan Pumpkin Carving
Khan Pumpkin Carving

Alex Wer made this cool Khan Pumpkin Carving.

In this movie, Khan has activated the Genesis device inside the nebula. The Enterprise is severely damaged and the warp drive does not function. Unless the Warp drive is fixed quickly, the Enterprise will be destroyed by the Genesis device along with everything in the nebula. Scotty is injured. Spock goes into the engine compartment to restore the warp drive and save the ship. He restores power to the warp drive and the Enterprise escapes to safety just in the nick of time. He knew that to save the ship meant his death, but he does it anyway because of his friendship with Kirk and other members of the Enterprise crew.

When Kirk gets down to the Engine room and sees Spock. Spock tells him it is logical, ‘The needs of the many outweigh’ Kirk responds, ‘the needs of the few’ And Spock responds ‘or the one.’ Spock then says, ‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’ ‘Live long and prosper.’

This scene shows that Spock was willing to give his life for his friends.


Spock Pumpkin Carving
Spock Pumpkin Carving

Alex Wer made this Spock Pumpkin Carving where Spock is mind-melding.

Spock mind melds with Doctor McCoy just before he goes in to get the warp drive back on line.
Captain Kirk Cake
Captain Kirk Cake

This Terrific Captain Kirk Cake was made by Katia Malizia from Dolci Ritratti di Katia Malizia.

I love watching Star Trek.  When William Shatner wrote, Leonard My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man. , a wonderful biography about Spock, I listened to the audio version narrated by William Shatner.


Leonard Book Jacket William Shatner 

My post Captain Kirk Stole My Bike deals with “the bike story” from this book.

They had a fun time talking about this bike story at Star Trek conventions.

The book talks about how William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) became friends when they would go around to Star Trek conventions and talk with the fans.

 Their friendship grew also as they banded together against the studio during all contract negotiations.


Spock LLAP Pumpkin Carving
Live Long and Prosper

Alex Wer made this Spock Pumpkin Carving.

I can just imagine Spock saying, ‘Live long and prosper.’


Captain Kirk Command ComBadge Cookie Spock ComBadge Cookie

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock ComBadge Cookie


Nurse Chapel Combadge CookieScotty ComBadge Cookie

Nurse Chapel and Scotty ComBadge Cookies

My whole family are all huge Star Trek fans. These are some Star Trek Communications Badge Cookies that I made for my son’s birthday party.

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