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Fabulous Bobo the Lost Monkey Cake

Bobo the Lost Monkey Cake

This Fabulous Bobo the Lost Monkey Cake was made by Paul Redmond from Purple Feather Cake Design. This cake was based on a character from the book Hug written by Jez Alborough.

This Fabulous Bobo the Lost Monkey Cake was made for the Everyone’s Story Matters Collaboration which is an international cake collaboration celebrating International Literacy Day in support of ALS Research. To celebrate International Literacy Day, a group of cake artists, from around the world, decided to honour all of the stories that matter to them, and to their children. William Joyce says it best in one of his books “Everyone’s story matters.” 

Here is Paul’s description of this Fabulous cake:

Hug wasn’t my original pick but then my 8 year old culled his books this week and much to my surprise Hug is still in the mix, even though he’s long progressed to Captain Underpants and his sister reads in the young adult section. Hug is a simple story of Bobo the lost little monkey, wandering the jungle looking at all the other animals hugging, until he eventually finds his own mother to hug. It’s been a bedtime story since our children were very young. I get a warm glow to see that he still values its simple message. HUG!