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Superb Black and Pink Barbie Designer Wedding Cake

Barbie Designer Wedding Cake

This Superb  Black and Pink Barbie Designer Wedding Cakewas made by Sadie Smith from Cake By Sadie Smith.   

This Fabulous Black and Pink Barbie Designer Wedding Cake was made for the Wedding Cakes Inspired By Fashion A Worldwide Collaboration which is a cake collaboration where cake artists have created wedding cakes inspired by Barbie Doll designers such as Magia 200 Italy Designer Duo Mario Paglimo and Gianni Grossi, Bill Greening, Bob Mackie, Eaki, Krikor Jobotian, Alex Blas, Ovaz Designs, and others.

Barbie Designer Wedding Cake

Here is Sadie’s description of this Wonderful cake:

My design was inspired by Magia 2000, the artistic duo formed by fashion designers, Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi Me & my sister grew up with Barbie and over 40 years later my daughter and nieces love their Barbie’s too. In such a technologically lead world children spend so much of their childhood with faces planted onto electronic gadgets that watching them play with their Barbie’s being children, using their imaginations and communicating with each other is just so joyful. It brings back a simplicity of being a child and that’s what I wanted to reflect in my cake design. For me the beauty of this dress design is in the simplicity, it may not have all the frills & feathers or an abundance of clashing colours but I think it’s reflective of the uncomplicated life of a child and I could image my daughter very happily dressing up her Barbie in this outfit. I wanted to keep to a simpler traditional wedding cake shape which incorporated the lacing work from the bodice, against the black it pops and looks so real. The polka dots from the dress design are mirrored on the cake and brings a fun element to the cake giving it a modern twist. To finish the cake, I wanted something that in my mind incorporated both the dress design and represented what Barbie was to me, so a pale statement peony does exactly that, as a child I spent hours brushing and styling my Barbie’s hair and I think the peony reflects that, the same amount of styling, love & care was taken creating that as I would’ve of put in to styling my Barbie the only difference now is I am working with Sugar Paste.

Barbie Designer Wedding Cake


The Barbie doll dress that inspired the cake.