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These Hand Drawn X-Men Cookies are Uncanny!

X-Men Cookies

These wonderful X-Men Cookies were made by Sweet Trade Bakery.  The hand drawn characters are terrific.  I can’t drawn that well on paper let alone on a cookie.

The X-Men have had a lot of different rosters and teams since they 1st appeared in 1963.  What makes these cookies so amazing to me is that I can tell you which period in X-Men history these cookies come from.  These are from the era where Chris Claremont, John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green where the creative team on Uncanny X-Men.  These are from somewhere around issue 180 to 200.     

The top cookie is Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men.  Chris Claremont was doing a lot with Xavier at this time.  He had temporarily regained the ability to walk and was about to take a leave of absence from the X-Men because of health issues.

The next cookie is the X-Men logo.

After that is Rachel Summers. While Rachel 1st appears in the classic storyline Days of Future Past, it isn’t until around these issues that she appears in the present.  Rachel has the lines on her face because she is in “hound” mode where she uses her abilities to hunt other mutants.

The next cookie is Magneto. This is right about the time that Magneto becomes the headmaster of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

Next are two Wolverine cookies.  I think this is after the Chris Claremont / Frank Miller Wolverine mini-series and before Wolverine gets his own series.  So, not much is being done with Wolverine at the time. Uncanny X-Men has just wrapped up the Wolverine marriage storyline in issue #175 and more focus is being given to Magneto, Rachel, Storm, and Rogue.

The next cookie is Rogue.  Rogue had been a foe of the X-Men and only joined the team in issue 171.  Because of this, she was getting a lot of attention in Uncanny X-Men at this time.

The next cookie is Colossus.  This is right after Secret Wars and the break-up of Colossus and Kitty Pride.

The next cookie is Storm with her mohawk haircut and leather outfit.  During this period of time, Storm loses her powers.  This is right around the two classic Lifedeath issues by Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith.

The next cookie is Kitty Pride.  Kitty changed codenames and costume a few times.  This is her Shadowcat costume.  It was just announced this week, that there is a solo Kitty Pride movie in the works.

The final cookie in this gorgeous set features Nightcrawler.

After looking at these wonderful cookies, I think it is time to go read a stack of classic X-Men comics!