Mickey Mouse

Shiver Me Timbers! They’re Be Pirate Mickey Mouse Cookies Ahead

Pirate Mickey Mouse Cookies

These wonderful Pirate Mickey Mouse cookies were made by Glam Patisserie. The cookies include in this wonderful set are:

  • Goofy holding a pirate flag
  • A close-up of Mickey Mouse’s face.  Mickey has an eye patch.
  • Mickey with a sword.  He looks like he is either swinging or jumping towards me.
  • Mickey with an eye patch.  He is holding a treasure map and has one leg resting on a treasure chest.
  • Donald Duck holding a sword
  • Crossed sabers with pirate Mickey Mouse’s face in front of them.
  • Mickey with a sword. The sword is pointing towards the ground.
  • Mickey with a parrot
  • a sword
  • Minnie Mouse dressed as a pirate
  • A pirate ship
  • a silhouette of Mickey’s head wearing a pirate hat and bandanna.

This is one of the nicest set of Mickey Mouse cookies I’ve ever seen!

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