Ariel Bento Box

These Awesome Little Mermaid Bento Boxes feature Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian. They were made by OMGiri.

Ariel was made using rice and red peppers for her hair. She is looking at a seahorse. The seahorse is in front of an asparagus forest.  

Flounder Bento Box

Flounder is smiling. He is surrounded by asparagus and green peas. 

Sebastian Bento Box

Sebastian was made using rice and red peppers for his claws and shell. Asparagus and peas surround him.

Scuttle Bento Box

Scuttle is holding a Dinglehopper aka. fork to show Ariel. His body and arm and hand are made from rice. He has a green background of English peas and asparagus.

I love these Bento Box meals.  They are so adorable.

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