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These Peanuts Cookies Will Make You Smile!

Peanuts Cookies

These wonderful Peanuts Cookies were made by Crumby Bakeshop.  They feature Linus (twice because he is their favorite Peanuts character), Peppermint Patty looking excited, Lucy smiling, Pig Pen surrounded by dust and dirt, Charlie Brown smiling, Schroeder playing the piano, Snoopy dancing, and Woodstock flying.  The cookies were covered with royal icing and the characters were hand painted on fondant.  Because of this, the characters really pop out because they are on top of the cookie underneath.  In fact, if you look, most of characters are slightly off the cookie.  Look at Snoopy, one of his ears is slightly above the cookie.  Plus, his head and feet cover up the black frame.  There are also motion lines around each character.  All of these little touches make these characters look so 3-D.  These are some of the prettiest Charlie Brown cookies I’ve seen.

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