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Marvelous Sadness Cake

Inside Out Sadness Cake

This Marvelous Sadness Cake was made by Valentina’s Sugarland. Sadness is portrayed as a real girl with blue hair and skin. 

This wonderful cake is part of the Disney Deviant Sugar Art collaboration which features amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by Disney characters.

Inside Out Sadness Cake 2

 Here’s the baker’s description of this amazing cake:

I choose to recreate the Sadness from the Disney movie Inside Out. To appreciate happiness and joy one must know sadness. Sadness is very important feeling. In the movie Sadness is a small, round and blue character with blue hair and a big glasses. I kept the blue and the other feautures but made this amimated character more life-like and realistic. My Miss Sadness is a 26cm high bust made out of RKT, Modelling Chocolate and Modelling Paste Saracino.

Inside Out Sadness Cake 3