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Disney Princess Castle Cake with Belle and Cinderella

Disney Princess Castle Cake 25


I made this Disney Princess Castle cake for Icing Smiles to help a sweet little girl who has leukemia celebrate her 5th birthday.

She wanted a Disney princess cake and two of her favorite Disney princesses are Belle and Cinderella.

I hand-crafted Belle and Cinderella dolls using fondant and gum paste. It took several tries to get the faces and dresses to look right. I made them several days in advance and let them dry.


Disney Princess Castle Cake

The castle was built using a 12 inch tier, a 6 inch tier, and a 4 inch tier. I wanted Belle and Cinderella to be the focus of the cake so I put them in the middle of the cake on top of the 12 inch tier. There is a wooden dowel running through the dress and into the head to attach the princesses securely to the cake.

The large towers were made using the large pieces from the Wilton Castle kit. I covered them with fondant after first applying shortening to the towers. The pink and purple decorations are all modeling chocolate. I used melted white chocolate to attach them to the board and to the cake.  Melted chocolate was also used to attach the tops of the towers to the towers.

The smaller towers were made using Wilton plastic dowels rods and covered with fondant. Melted white candy melts were used to attach these to the cake too. 

The trees in front were made using modeling chocolate to make rectangular flower pots. A piece of pink modeling chocolate was covered in pink modeling chocolate flowers that were attached using pink candy melts. 

The letters for the girl’s name were cut out of pink modeling chocolate.

The cake board was covered in green fondant.


Disney Princess Castle Cake

 Here’s a picture of the cake at the party.


Princess Castle Cake

Here’s a picture of the castle before the princesses were added. Since Ellasyn liked pink and purple, the castle was decorated using pink and purple modeling chocolate.

Disney Princess Castle Cake ogo

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