Delightful Droopy Dog Cookies

Droopy Dog Cookies

These wonderful Droopy Dog Cookies were made by The Cookie Star.  I really like how each cookies is slightly different.  Some are full body, while others are close-ups.

I became a fan of Tex Avery’s cartoons after I saw The First Bad Man.  To this day, it is still one of my favorite cartoons.  I liked it so much that I sought out other cartoons by Tex Avery and discovered Droopy Dog.  While I’ve seen a bunch of the Droopy Dog cartoons, the one I remember best is Homesteader Droopy which actually features Droopy twice – as an adult and as a baby.  Droopy also appears in the amazing Roger Rabbit where he is an elevator operator.

If you’ve never seem them, here are The First Bad Man and Homesteader Droopy.