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Marvelous Jasmine Cake

Jasmine Cake

This Marvelous Jasmine Cake is a two tier cake with Jasmine at the top.

This wonderful cake was made by Tatyana Kitina.

The bottom tier of the cake is painted blue with small white stars to represent the night sky. There is a light blue silhouette of Agrabah on the side. The birthday age and name are in gold letters on top of the silhouette. There is a small gold band around the tier.

The top tier is blue with stars to represent the night sky at the top and a very light blue in the middle to compliment the colors in Agrabah.

Jasmine Cake

Jasmine is holding the Genie’s lamp in her hand. The gold of the lamp matches the gold of Jasmine’s earrings.

She looks like an edible doll.

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