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Colorful Disney Haunted Mansion Cookies

Haunted Mansion Cookies n

I made these colorful Disney Haunted Mansion cookies for my husband for his birthday because he is a huge Haunted Mansion fan.

 Hatbox Ghost cookie

I made the Hatbox Ghost cookie because that is one of my husband’s favorite ghosts. It has the words A Ghost will follow you Home.

There is a Doom Buggy cookie with the three Hitchiking Ghosts. I also made a portrait of Master Gracey cookie. 

Haunted Mansion Luggage tag

I got inspiration for the Hatbox Ghost cookie from this Haunted Mansion luggage tag. I changed the colors to match my theme and changed the shape of the ghost and placement of the small words.

Madame Leota cookies

These Madame Leota cookies show her crystal ball hovering over a table. Candles are on the table. There is also a Mickey head Madame Leota cookie.

Another cookie is shaped like a coffin or tombstone and reads Happy Haunt Day James.

Welcome Foolish Mortals cookie

I made Mickey and Minnie head Haunted Mansion cast member cookies and a cookie that has the words Welcome Foolish Mortals. The inspiration for the Mickey head cookies came from these Mickey head scrapbook die cuts.

Haunted Mansion Postcard

I got inspiration and my color scheme from the Disneyland Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary 31 Ghosts Postcard SHAG Left side).  I really liked the choice of colors represented here. I think the brighter colors add a nice touch to the Haunted Mansion theme. I used blue-green for ghosts and purple for the living world just like this postcard.

Disney Haunted Mansion cookies

Mickey Mouse Doom Buggy cookie 2 IMG 6149 copy

I had another Doom Buggy cookie so I decided to draw in Mickey and Minnie Mouse riding in a Doom Buggy surrounded by the 3 Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Haunted mansion sign 6


Disney Haunted Mansion Cookies

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