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Cute Winnie the Pooh Cookies

Winnie the Pooh CookiesThese cute Winnie the Pooh cookies feature our favorite characters from the Hundred Acre Wood.

These wonderful cookies were made by FondanEli.

The Tigger cookie is shaped like a heart. Tigger is smiling.

The Eeyore cookie is round. He is holding a daisy in his mouth. His eyes look sad. His ears are 3-dimensional.

The Pooh cookie is round. It has Pooh’s smiling face.

The Piglet cookie is shaped like a heart. Piglet is hold some balloons in his hand.

And of course with Pooh there is a Hunny pot near by. One cookie has a Hunny pot with white daisies blooming on the ground near it. The honey is dripping out onto the ground.

There is a flower cookie with a bee on it and a honeycomb cookie.

It looks like the characters were created with gum paste. The cookies have a pastel background.