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Splendid Steampunk Girl Cake

Steampunk Cake

This Steampunk Cake was made by Ania Kowalik of Sweet Creations by Ania

This Marvelous cake was created for the Steam Cakes – Steampunk Collaboration. To celebrate the Steampunk International Day, Cake Artists from around the world gathered to create their own edible Steampunk masterpieces. 

This is a single tier cake covered in black fondant. There is a bronze steampunk clock with gears around it on the front of the cake.

A hand sculpted red headed girl is on the top of the cake. She is wearing a brown top hat with googles and brown boots. Her Victorian steampunk dress looks like is is made with brown leather. She is wearing long black gloves.  She looks just like a doll. 

There is a steampunk fish sculpture at her feet.

I like the way the cake is displayed on a mirror so that the clock and its mirror image appear together.

Steampunk Cake 2

Steampunk Cake 3