Set Sail With This Adorable Sailor Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

Sailor Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cake


This adorable Sailor Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cake was made by C For Cupcakes. The thing which makes this cake amazing is that there is so much detail, but it doesn’t look crowded. This is a two tier cake.  The cake is topped with Mickey Mouse dressed as a sailor in a boat. Their are rolling waves at the bottom of the boat and a cute seagull who has landed on the ship.  Mickey is saluting. The top tier of the cake looks like the sky and has gulls painted on it.  It has a wooden plank with the birthday boy’s name.  There is an anchor with another gull and a life saver resting against this tier. The bottom tier is an blue ombre cake, so it looks like waves. There is a starfish and wooden ship’s wheel on this tier.  The cake board looks like sand.  The cake board is decorated with two palm trees, an adorable 1st birthday sign, a lighthouse, a sand castle, adorable cards, another star fish, a sea shell, an adorable Monkey and a very cute little boy dressed as a sailor.  This cake is so cute and absolutely gorgeous.