These Snoopy Halloween Cookies Are Blue Without You!

Snoopy Halloween Cookies

These adorable blue Snoopy Halloween cookies were made by Ally’s Cookies. They feature Snoopy in three different poses – asleep on a pumpkin carving and with a sign reading boo, popping out of a pumpkin with Woodstock on his head and dressed as a Jack O’Lantern.

The use of color on these blue Snoopy Halloween cookies is great. They all have the same dark blue background which really make Snoopy and the pumpkins stand out. Each cookie has cute images of the characters and pumpkins that only use four colors. Snoopy is black and white. The pumpkin are orange and yellow. Woodstock is yellow with black outlines. Since only 4 colors are used, nothing detracts from the central focus of each cookie.

I like the way each jack-o-lantern has a different expression on its face.

If you like these, here’s another Snoopy Halloween cookie.

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