Splendid Pooh Balancing On Hunny Pots Cake

Winnie the Pooh cake

Winnie The Pooh Balancing on Hully Pots Cake

This splendid Winnie the Pooh balancing on Hunny Pots cake is a terrific example of balancing and cake structure.

This wonderful cake was made by Lisa Hann fromPink Slip Cakery.

This was her class project from Mike McCarey’s 2 week sculpting class. 

I love the way he is balancing on the 3 Hunny Pots made of cake to reach his balloon.

Moreover, the balloon looks like it was made using isomalt.

In addition, I like the way Piglet is balancing on 1 foot and Tigger is balancing on his tail, while looking up at Pooh.

In addition, the cake board has lines coming from the bottom pot to make it look like the pots are sinking into the grass from the weight of everything stacked on top of one another.

Furthermore, it looks like a wire frame would be needed to get Tigger’s and Piglet’s arms and legs to stick straight out.  Because of the attention to detail, these are terrific looking fondant figures.

Also, I wonder if a single piece of pipe comes up from the board, and is bent at the second Hunny pot to continue up through Pooh as a support or if 2 pipes were used.

In conclusion, this is a terrific sculpted Pooh cake design, just like I would expect from one of Mike McCarey’s classes.  I love Mike McCarey’s cakes and would love to take his class one day.

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