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Cute 3D Charlie Brown Cookies

Linus 3D cookie

Charlie Brown 3D Cookies

Charlie Brown Cookies

These  cute 3D Charlie Brown cookies feature him, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Woodstock, and Snoopy and his doghouse.

These wonderful cookies were made by Cookies Art by Shirlyn

I love watching Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts characters.  The baker does a terrific job capturing each character on their own 3D cookie.

Firstly, the Charlie Brown 3D cookie also has its own cookie base. He is wearing his yellow and brown shirt and brown shoes. Also notice the shoe laces on the shoes. His face is shaded to give it more character.

Secondly, the Lucy 3D cookie has a cookie base for her to stand on. She is wearing a blue dress. Her dress is shaded to give it dimension and character. Her hair is textured to show depth and curls.

Linus 3D cookie

Linus 3D cookie

Thirdly, Linus would not be complete without his blue trusty blanket that he takes everywhere.  The Linus cookie shows him holding his blanket and sucking his thumb. His shoes are separate cookies and lines on the bottom give them texture. In addition, notice the wrinkles on the blanket. He also has his own separate cookie base to sit on.

Fourthly, the Sally 3D cookie shows Sally smiling.  Her pink and red polka-dot dress has wrinkles to represent the fabric of the dress. In addition, her shoes have ties. She has she own base to stand on.

Fifthly, the Snoopy 3D cookie shows him smiling up a Woodstock. He is holding a royal icing purple and yellow flower in his hand. In addition, his arm and ear are separate pieces of royal icing to give his dimension. Also his face is lightly shaded to add detail to him.

Sixthly, Snoopy’s doghouse is beside him. It was built from royal icing pieces.

Seventhly, Woodstock in in his bird’s nest on this 3D Woodstock cookie.  The tree and the bird’s nest have been textured and shaded. In addition, the tree has green royal icing leaves and green grass at the bottom. 

Eightly, Snoopy, Woodstock, and Snoopy’s doghouse are all on a cookie bace together. The base is decorated with royal icing flowers.

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