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Fabulous Black Widow Cookies

Black Widow Cookies

Black Widow Cookies

Black Widow Cookies

These wonderful Black Widow Cookies were made by Shelly Schwartz. These cookies have two designs – the Black Widow logo and a close-up of Natasha Romanova in her classic Silver Age costume.

Have you ever seen the classic cartoon series Rocky and Bullwinkle? If so, you probably remember their famous foes Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. In Tales of Suspense #52 (the comic book featuring Iron Man at the time), two Russian spies were introduced – Boris and Natasha named after the characters from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Boris wasn’t a very good character, for example he lifted desks over his head rather than walk around them because it was less work. But, Madame Natasha, aka the Black Widow, showed some promise and appeared again in the next issue. 

In Tales of Suspense #64, The Black Widow was given her first costume. It was a one piece costume with a cape, domino mask, boots, gloves, and fishnet coverings on her arms and legs. No one could decide what color the costume should be. Sometimes it was blue and black, sometimes greyish black and even occasionally green. I really like that costume, but it was very much a product of its time.

In Amazing Spider-Man #86, the Black Widow would get a major makeover. Her hair would become much longer and red and her costume would be a skintight blueish black costume. This costume was extremely popular and almost every costume Natasha has had since then has been a variation of this one.

Shelly’s wonderful cookies feature Natasha with her long red hair and her silver age black costume. 

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