Donald Duck Sews Cinderella’s Dress

Donald Duck Cake

Donald Duck Sews Cinderella’s Dress Cake

This Donald Duck sews Cinderella’s dress cake is a 3 tier cake where each tier is him in 3 stages of making the dress : picking the pattern, selecting the thread and material, and finally sewing it together on a vintage Singer Sewing Machine.

This wonderful cake was made by Ming Monglie

Can you imagine Donald Duck as the tailor for Cinderella’s dress for the ball?

That’s the theme of this cake.

Firstly, Donald is deciding on a pattern at the base of the cake. There is a box of dress patterns in front of him and some sketches of dresses in front of the cake. 

Secondly, he is choosing the material and thread. He has a thoughtful look on his face.  He is also surrounded by bolts of cloth of different colors and by many colors of yarn. and spools of ribbon.

Thirdly, he angrily glares at the vintage Singer sewing machine as he attempts to sew the dress.

Fourthly, after much effort, he succeeds. The finished dress is at the base of the cake.

Donald Duck Cake

Donald beside cloth and yarn

Here’s a close-up  of Donald beside the cloth and yarn. He looks like he may have been made using gumpaste or fondant.

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