Haunted Mansion

Amazing Glow In The Dark Haunted Mansion Cookies

Haunted Mansion Cookies

These wonderful Haunted Mansion Cookies were made by Sugared Art. There are four cookies in this set:

  • A black and white cookie of the Hatbox ghost. The background of the cookie is black and the ghost’s head and hat are white.
  • The five busts from the graveyard which sing Grim Grinning Ghosts. The cookie has the lyrics “Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize” on it. I really like how accurate the busts are. Stephanie even included the bust which is laying partly on its side because it has a broken base. My favorite thing about this cookie. When you turn off the lights it glows in the dark!
  • A plaque which reads Welcome Foolish Mortals. If you looks closely you’ll see a bat, raven and spider on the plaque.
  • A side silhouette of the bride. She is wearing a wedding down and is holding an axe. The words “‘Til Death Do Us Part” are written in black inside her dress.

Stephanie did an absolutely wonderful job creating these spooktacular cookies.

The Haunted Mansion is my husband’s favorite theme park ride, so I’ve featured a bunch of terrific Haunted Mansion cookies and cakes over the years. A few of my favorite are – a Haunted Mansion cake based on one of the stretching room portraits and this Haunted Mansion Cookie Gift Box. (Since pretty every time I deliver or ship cookies, I try to arrange them in box, I’m always curious to see other’s gift boxes.) While definitely not edible, I also adore this Haunted Mansion pumpkin that casts the image of the hitchhiking ghosts on the wall.  

Hurry back! I’ll have another spectacular Halloween trick or treat tomorrow!

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