3-D Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookie

3-D Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookie
3-D Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookie

Happy Thanksgiving!

This wonderful 3-D Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookie was made by Cookie Crumbs and Sweets. The amount of items and detail on this cookie is amazing. It includes:

  • A tree in the background with leaves falling from it
  • Flying among the falling leaves are two woodstocks
  • Charlie Brown is carrying Snoopy his dog dish filled with food and is surprised to see Snoopy and Woodstock having a Thanksgiving feast.
  • Snoopy is wearing a chefs hat and apron and carrying a roasted turkey on a tray.
  • Snoopy is bring the turkey to a table with a yellow table cloth on it. There is already a pie on the table. A woodstock dressed as a pilgrim is standing by the pie.
  • On one side is Snoopy’s dog house. Another woodstock is sitting on top of it and eating a piece of pumpkin pie.

This cookie is simply astonishing.

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