Batman & Wonder Woman Cookies

Batman & Wonder Woman Cookie
Batman & Wonder Woman Cookies

These Batman & Wonder Woman cookies are done using a combination of different cookie decorating techniques: royal icing, hand-painting, and black & white drawings.

These wonderful cookies were made by The Cookie Bar.

The Cape Crusader’s  face and the Amazon princess face are painted onto cookies. Another cookie is painted to look like a sound effect, BOOM.  In addition, the Gotham cityscape with the bat Symbol displayed in the sky is on another cookie.  Her logo is done using royal icing on another cookie. There are black and white sketches of each  on other cookies.


Wonder Woman Cookie

This cookie has a background of dots to make it look like a drawing from an old comic book.  Batman’s face is also done in this style.


Black & White Wonder Woman Cookie

This is a black and white drawing of her on this cookie.

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