Tiny Toon Adventures 1st Birthday Cookies

Tiny Toon Adventures Cookies

Tiny Toon Adventures Cookies

The adorable Tiny Toon Adventures 1st Birthday Cookies were made by Confeitei Cookies. They feature Elmyra Duff, Buster Bunny and Gogo Dodo. Buster is holding a carrot and Elmyra is looking at Buster and has hearts around her head. 

Tiny Toon Adventures is an animated series from the 1990s. It was a collaboration between Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. The show follows the adventures of a group of young cartoon characters who attend Acme Looniversity to become the next generation of characters from the Looney Tunes series. Sometime later this year, a new Tiny Toons series – Tiny Toons Looniversity – is supposed to be released.

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