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Quark and Odo Cake

Quark and Odo Cake

Quark and Odo Cake

This great Quark and Odo Cake was made by Jam Cakes. It features cartoon version of Quark and Odo looking at each other. I love the look on Odo’s face because he looks smug like he caught Quark up to no good. The cake has a Deep Space Nine com badge on top. The cake is Black and Orange and has tiny stars on it, to look like space and a planet’s atmosphere. Kimmie did a wonderful job creating this cake!

Quark and Odo are two characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Quark is a Ferengi who owns the space stations bar. Money is Quark’s first love. – almost every Ferengi is obsessed with earning profits. So, Quark often engages in criminal activities to earn a profit. Odo is the space stations’ constable.  He is a shape shifter and views everything in black and white. Because of this, Odo and Quark constantly butt heads. The two actors – the late Rene Auberjonois and Armin Shimerman – had AMAZING chemistry together. These are often the funniest scenes in all of Deep Space Nine.

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