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Purple Harry Potter Cookies

Purple Harry Potter Cookies

These purple Harry Potter cookies feature Hedwig, Hogwarts, and The Tale of Three Brothers characters. I made these cookies for my niece’s birthday.  She is a huge fan and has read all the books and watched all the movies.

The first cookie is on Hedwig delivering the Hogwart’s letter to Harry. This image is also used as Hedwig delivering a birthday greeting. The second cookie is a picture of the Tale of the 3 Brothers. Lastly, the 3rd cookie is a picture of Harry flying over Hogwarts.

I made Hedwig first as a separate piece of royal icing. Then I drew on his feathers and other features including the Hogwart’s letter. Secondly,  I drew on the picture of the 3 brothers on the next cookie.  Lastly, I made Hogwarts in purple royal icing and I made the moon using yellow royal icing. Then I painted on the details and drew Harry on his broom.

The 3 Brothers cookies is based on a painting by WormHole Paintings. Hedwig is based on a painting by Mister Art Design.

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