Small World Brie Wheel

Small World Brie Wheel
Small World Brie Wheel

This Small World Brie Wheel was created by Thirsty for Tea. Bonnie used pie crust dough trimmings and thick apricot jam, to turn this round of French Brie into the It’s a Small World clock. 

Bonnie’s creativity is amazing! I enjoy warm brie spread on French bread, but I never thought about decorating the brie wheel. I’ll have to try this some time.

I really like how Bonnie laid out this photograph. She has the brie wheel on a round platter encircled by crackers and fruit. There is even a wooden knife to spread the brie. Brie wheels aren’t usually decorated, so by doing this you realize that the circle is a spread. And the odds are pretty good that you’ll identify it as a brie wheel.

I love It’s A Small World and have ridden it dozens of times, so I instantly recognized the clock face. But for a lot of people, it is probably not instantly recognizable. So, Bonnie includes a cute It’s A Small World Plate to help jog your memory.

Absolutely brilliant staging for this photograph.

I’ve featured It’s A Small World a few times in this past.

This Small World Wedding Cake is beautiful.

These amazing Disney painted pumpkins include a pumpkin featuring the some of the kids from the ride.

These Wooden Disneyland Easter Eggs include an egg of the Small World clock.

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