Mickey Mouse Sends Christmas Greetings

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse sends Christmas Greetings with this Wonderful Disney Christmas Cake made by Giada’s Cakes. Mickey Mouse is dressed in a Santa suit and is standing in a white sleigh with gold trim. A large red bag full of toys is in the sleigh. Pluto is wearing reindeer antlers and is sitting in front of the sleigh. The top layer of the cake is blue with white snowflakes.  The bottom layer of the cake is white with white snowflakes. There is an evergreen tree covered in snow and a Christmas tree with a yellow star on top and with red and yellow ball decorations.  Donald Duck is sitting at the bottom of the cake on the cake board  that is covered in snow. Donald Duck is wearing a green cap and a green scarf on top of a blue shirt.  The birthday name is on the side of the top layer of the cake.


Mickey Mouse Cake

Side view of cake and Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck Cake

Donald Duck

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