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Harley Quinn Pumpkin

Harley Quinn Pumpkin Carving painted red and black
Harley Quinn Pumpkin

This amazing Harley Quinn Pumpkin was created by Brandy Davis. The detail on Harley is amazing!

Notice the two sides of the harlequin cap with the pom-poms, they are larger than the actual pumpkin. Brandy had to add additional pumpkin pieces to make the two sides. Since you can see the side of pumpkin behind Harley’s head, this really pops out. It is a brilliant design.

I also really like how after carving Harley, Brandy colored her carving. Harley Quinn is wearing her original red and black harlequin costume from Batman: The Animated Series.


Harley Quinn Pumpkin - Before & After Painting
Harley Quinn – Before & After Painting

I really like this before and after photos because it shows how much more dynamic the pumpkin looks after painting it.

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