Nightmare Before Christmas Meets Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

Nightmare Before Christmas Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

These Nightmare Before Christma Meets Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies. feature Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Lucy, Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and Oogie Boogie.

These wonderful cookies were made by HTX Custom Decorative Cookies

Charlie Brown is dressed in his Halloween ghost costume with many eye holes. The cookie has the words, I got a rock.  Also Charlie Brown is dressed in a skeleton costume on an orange cookie. Another cookie shows Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy trick or treating.  In addition Snoopy is riding a broom on a cookie.  Also Snoopy is wearing a cape and Woodstock is dressed in a ghost costume on a orange cookie.  Furthermore, Zero is flying through the air on a purple royal icing cookie. Oogie Boogie’s silhouette is on a green cookie and Jack and Sally are featured on other cookies. Finally, one cookie combines the two themes and has Jack Skellington and Snoopy dressed in a Zero costume.

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