Santa & Mrs. Claus Cookies

Four round cookies were used to make Santa & Mrs. Claus. One cookie each for the body and another for their heads.
Santa & Mrs. Claus Cookies

These adorable Santa & Mrs. Claus Cookies were made by Emine Berkün. I really like how Emine used four round cookies to make this cute couple. There are two cookies for their heads and another two cookies for their bodies.

Mrs. Claus has white hair with a sprig of holly in it and she is wearing a red hair bow. She has pearl ear rings and a matching pearl necklace. Someone is definitely on Santa’s nice list. She is wearing round gold glasses. She has a red outfit on and is wearing a white apron. The apron’s front pocket has a red heart in the center.

Santa Claus is wearing a Santa Hat with a sprig of holly in it. Like Mrs. Claus, he has round gold glasses. Maintaining naughty and nice lists probably causes a lot of eye strain. He has a white beard and whiskers. He is wearing his red Santa coat with white fur trim. He has a black belt with a gold buckle.

These are too cute! This brilliant design would also make wonderful cupcakes.

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