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Snoopy Udon Noodle Bowl

Snoopy Udon noodle bowl
Snoopy Udon noodle bowl

This Snoopy udon noodle bowl is filled with curry udon.  On top of the noodles is Snoopy who looks like he was made using mantou dough. He is covered with an egg blanket.

This wonderful Charlie Brown food art was made by Sana. It looks like his ears, head, feet, and hands  are separate pieces of bao or mantou buns. Carrots are cut in the shape of stars and are placed around his head. He is covered in an egg blanket.Also this reminds of a Snoopy bento box. An interesting thing that I learned is that stuffed Chinese steamed buns are called Bao buns and unstuffed buns are called Mantou.  What a cute way to serve Udon noodles.

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