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This Pikachu Macaron Is Painting A Self-Portrait

Pikachu Macaron
Pikachu Macaron

This wonderful Pikachu Macaron was made by Maca NomNom. It features Pikachu wearing a black beret and a red neckerchief. In one hand he is holding a paint brush. In his other hand, he is holding a pallet with six different colors of paint. 

Beside Pikachu is a stand with a canvas on it. Pikachu has painted himself holding a flower. He is standing on grass. There is a blue cloud filled sky and a yellow sun with a smiling face. The picture looks like it was painted by a little kid. The name of the painting is “Pikachu in the Sun”.

Salinda did an amazing job with these macarons. I’ve made stand up cookies before and it is really difficult to make them so that they don’t fall down.

The macaron of Pikachu is wonderful. He is dressed up and holding the brush and paints in his hands. His facial expression shows how much fun he is having. 

The self-portrait is just as cute. I really like how Salinda make the painting look like it was done by a little kid. The sun has a smiley face and Pikachu is literally standing on top of the blades of grass.

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