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Black, Red & White Cruella de Vil Cake

Cruella de Vil Cake
Cruella de Vil Cake

What’s black, and white and red all over? This gorgeous cake! 

During the global pandemic, MADL créations switched to teaching private masterclasses online. For these classes, they created four Disney Villain cakes. Each is absolutely stunning.

The design of Cruella is clearly influenced by the famous artist Patrick Nagel. Cruella looks like a glamor girl from the 1920s. She is wearing a Dalmatian fur shawl. She is smoking a cigarette in a long black holder. Cruella’s skin is white. Her only color is her ruby red lips and a tiny bit of blush on her cheeks. She is wearing a black dress and long red gloves. One half of her hair is bleached white, while the other half is dyed black.

Having the tiers sold red with Dalmatian fur wrapping around it is a such a great idea. 

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