Transformer Cupcakes

These terrific Transformer Cupcakes were made by OC’s Kitchen.   These cupcakes feature Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. My favorite part of these cupcakes is that you have the Autobots in both states – as robots and as vehicles.  So you have Bumblebee and the yellow sports car, plus Otptimus Prime and his blue 18 wheeler cab. Having the characters in both forms really make these cupcakes stand out.

Carl Cupcake

Isa Herzog Cake Designer made these wonderful Up cupcakes.  Each set has a main character and then two accompany cupcakes with different Wilderness Explorer supplies.  The detail on Carl is absolutely amazing.  Look at his suite.  You can see stitching, creases, pockets, a zipper and that his pants are rolled up.  That is unbelievable detail for a cupcake.


Russell Cupcake

Russell is in his Wilderness Explorer outfit.  I really like the matching backpack on the cupcake behind him.


Dug Cupcake

Dug looks adorable.


Kevin Cupcake

Kevin looks cute and colorful.

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Beauty and The Beast Cupcakes

Kátia Dias makes the cutest cupcakes and cake pops. Today, I’m featuring her adorable Beauty and The Beast Cupcakes.


Princess Belle Cupcakes

Here is Belle looking lovely.


Beast Cupcakes

These Beast cupcakes are amazing.  The Beast looks so dapper.


Cogsworth and Lumiere Cupcakes

Katia even included Cogsworth and Lumiere.  I can’t decide if the Beast of Cogsworth is my favorite for this delightful set.

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Up Cupcakes

These awesome Up Cupcakes were made by the amazing Nephele Cupcake Art. Having one cupcake being the house and the others being balloons which are connected to the house is brilliant. Doing going away cupcakes with the up theme is really neat idea.


Up Cupcakes

If you’ve never visited Nephele Cupcake Art, you are in for a treat! They make some of the most elegant and beautiful cupcakes around.

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