Cute Baby Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

Baby Mickey Muse Cake

Baby Mickey Mouse Cake

This cute baby Mickey Mouse 1st birthday cake has him on top of this two tier blue and white polka-dot cake. A fondant Pluto is at the base of the cake on the cake board. A blue and white cupcake is beside him.

The sugar paste Mickey and Pluto are adorable.

In addition, the cake has an opened zipper where multicolored candies are spilling out.  

This wonderful cake was made by Mademoiselle fait des gateaux.

Baby Mickey Muse Cake

Moreover, Baby Mickey is sampling the chocolate icing from his birthday cupcake.

Furthermore, Mickey is dressed in a blue onesie with a yellow bib.  It looks like the creases were airbrushed to highlight them.  The blue matches the blue of the cake. There is a large plaid number one behind him to celebrate a 1st birthday.

Finally, it looks like the topper of this baby Mickey Mouse 1st birthday cake can be lifted off of the cake and kept.

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Shh…Baby Minnie Mouse Is Sleeping

Baby Minnie Mouse Cake and Cupcakes

This absolutely adorable Baby Minnie Mouse Cake with matching cupcakes was made by Rizashka Cake.


Baby Minnie Mouse Cake

This is too cute! Baby Minnie is wearing soft pink pajamas with footies. She is snuggling with her pink and white blankie and is holding onto one arm of her teddy bear. She is sound asleep and snuggled up on a crescent moon.

I could easily see a baby room decorated with this theme and with this image of Minnie Mouse painted on the wall above the crib.

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Adorable Baby Donald Duck Christmas Cake

Baby Donald Duck Christmas Cake

This adorable Baby Donald Duck Christmas Cake was made by ArchiCaketure.  The cake features baby Donald wearing a Santa hat and holding a candy cane.  This cake does a wonderful job of mixing 2-D and 3-D.  Most of Donald is 2-D, but his feet and arms are 3-D. To add to the Christmas feel and the 3-D effect, there are small Christmas Tree branches on the top of the cake and beneath Donald.  All of these elements combined to make a cake that is both adorable and eye catching.

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