Easter Beagle Cookie Box


This cute Easter Beagle Cookie Box was made by Luna llena Cookies. The cookie box contains six cookies – three multicolored Easter egg cookies, two carrot cookies and of course, a delightful cookie of Snoopy as the Easter Beagle. The likeness of Snoopy is wonderful. He has giant smile and is dancing happily. In one hand he has a wicked Easter basket with four hand painted Easter eggs in it.

This is the first time I’ve featured the Easter Beagle, but I’ve featured Snoopy dozens of times. Here are three of my favorites:

This gorgeous Snoopy and Woodstock Cake features him playing the piano and would be perfect for Schroeder’s birthday.

This lovely Snoopy Cookies features him smiling and laughing. Like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, these cookies are guaranteed to raise a smile.

These terrific Snoopy Cupcakes feature six different bright and colorful designs.


Snoopy Easter Egg

Snoopy Easter Egg

Snoopy Easter Egg

This stunning Snoopy Easter Egg was made by Aspadeco Sugar Artist. The Easter Egg is sky blue with clouds and grass.  Aspasia built an amazing setting for this egg.

It has Snoopy hugging Woodstock. They are sitting on Snoopy’s doghouse which has Happy Easter written on it. There is a white picket fence in front of the doghouse. The board is decorated to look like the yard, it has grass and flowers growing in it.

In a really cute touch, there are Easter Beagle ears on the side of the egg so that they line up with the top of Snoopy’s head.

The setting makes this one of the most elaborate and pretty Easter Egg’s I’ve seen.

Looking for more Easter Egg ideas? I have featured over a hundred amazing Easter Eggs. Here are some of the fandom’s I’ve covered – Alice in WonderlandAngry BirdsBaby YodaBatman, Battlestar GalacticaBeauty and The BeastDisney PrincessDoctor WhoHarry PotterIron ManMickey MouseNightmare Before ChristmasPokémonStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Wars, & Super Mario Bros.

Snoopy Piñata Cake

Snoopy Piñata Cake

Snoopy Piñata Cake

This adorable Snoopy Piñata Cake was made by Get Cakes by Enze. The piñata is a yellow ball with the words happy birthday on it. The cake is decorated with small donuts and white, yellow and blue balls.

Snoopy is dressed as a World War I flying ace and sitting on top of the cake. To the side of the cake is Woodstock sitting in one of the donuts. Behind Woodstock are a bunch of the white balls of various sizes stuck together to look like clouds. This is such a wonderful design.

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Snoopy Valentine’s Cookies

Snoopy Valentines Cookies

This is the 3rd of 14 Valentine posts ending on Valentine’s Day.  Snoopy is another character that remind me of childrens Valentine’s cards. 

These Snoopy Valentine’s cookies are 4 different set of Snoopy cookies with red hearts.

These wonderful cookies were made by La Chinita Cookies n Cakes .

These adorable cookies show Snoopy holding a large red heart in his hand.  When I think of Valentine’s Day and think of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with my friends in Elementary school, Charlie Brown valentines immediately come to mind. These cookies remind me of these children’s Valentine’s Day cards.


Snoopy Valentines Cookies

Snoopy Valentines Cookies

Here’s more cookies with Snoopy having a red heart in his thought balloon. I wonder if he is thinking of Fifi.


Snoopy Valentines Cookies

These cookies contain 1 of each cookie in this set. 


These Snoopy cookies feature his face.


These cute Snoopy cookies show him as a young dog.

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