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Snoopy – Over 35 Terrific cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pumpkins that feature him and Woodstock.

He is one of my favorite pop culture dogs. He is a good friend to Charlie Brown and to Woodstock.

I like to tell you about some of my favorites:

A set of cookies with Him and Woodstock makes great use of only 4 colors. His dog house and heart shaped cookies are red. He is white with black outlines. There is a cute cookie with him hugging Woodstock with 2 red hearts above them.

He is a WWI flying ace on a terrific pumpkin.

I really like the red candy apples with him.

He’s the star of the show, dancing with Woodstock and some his bird friends. They are wearing top hats and holding candy canes on a cute Christmas cake. There’s even a tutorial on how to make his top hat.

Schroeder is playing Beethoven on his piano while Snoopy dances and sings on the piano on a sculpted 3-D cake.

Snoopy appears many times with his dog house.

He is flying in a red airplane as a flying ace on one cake and is flying his doghouse as a WW1 ace on another cake.

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Snoopy Udon noodle bowl

Snoopy Udon Noodle Bowl

This Snoopy udon noodle bowl is filled with curry udon.  On top of the noodles is Snoopy who looks like he was made using mantou dough. He is covered with an egg blanket. This wonderful Charlie Brown food art was made by Sana. It looks like his ears, head, feet, and hands  are separate pieces

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Snoopy Happy New Year Pie

Snoopy New Year’s Fruit Pie

This Snoopy New Year’s Fruit Pie features Snoopy wearing a celebration hat. and blowing a New Year’s noise maker.  This wonderful fruit art was made by Edible Food Art For Kids. The hat and the words New Year are made from watermelon.  White melon was used to make Snoopy’s body and the word Happy.  

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