Blue Snoopy Christmas Cookies

Snoopy Christmas Cookies

These blue Snoopy Christmas cookies feature him and Woodstock.

These wonderful cookies were made by Andre Cookies.

Santa Snoopy is carrying a green sack of toys on his back on one cookie.

A Snoopy snowman cookie is wearing a red and white scarf and a red hat. 

Snoopy’s red doghouse has Christmas lights with Snoopy on top on another cookie. 

Snoopy is wearing a red and white Santa hat and a red scarf with Woodstock waling behind him on another cookie.

Woodstock has a green Christmas tree appearing in his bird’s nest. He is hanging a red stocking on the nest. Snoopy is standing on the ground beside it on this Christmas Snoopy cookie.

Snoopy & Woodstock Christmas Cookies

Snoopy Christmas Cookies

Snoopy Christmas Cookies

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Cute Snoopy Cupcakes

Snoopy Cupcakes

Snoopy Cupcakes

The cute Snoopy Cupcakes were made by Cake by Bake Love. There are six cupcakes in this set:

  • Snoopy dressed as Joe Cool. I love that his T-Shirt says Joe Cool. Snoopy is wearing sunglasses and leaning against his doghouse.
  • Snoopy and Woodstock shaking hands. In Peanuts that is often just before Woodstock tries to fly somewhere.
  • Snoopy walking outside. It looks like he is walking in a puddle. He is smiling and has his arms out wide.
  • Snoopy hugging Woodstock.
  • Snoopy asleep on top of his doghouse. Woodstock is standing on Snoopy’s stomach.
  • Snoopy looking up. There is a heart above snoopy.

In each cupcakes, Snoopy is in a different pose. Plus, every cupcake has either ground or Snoopy’s doghouse, so these looking just like they came straight from the comic strip.

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Snoopy’s Doghouse Is Decorated For Christmas

Snoopy Christmas Cookies

These cute Snoopy Christmas Cookies were made by Beatriz Luciana. They feature Snoopy’s doghouse decorated with Christmas lights.  Snoopy is worn out from decorating and is sleeping on top of the doghouse.  These are terrific cookies. Snoopy looks perfect, he even has his ears drooping down the side of the doghouse. The doghouse is cute and the Christmas lights are great. These cookies remind me of the scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas where Snoopy decorates his doghouse and wins 1st prize.

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Snoopy Is Ready For Winter, Are You?

Snoopy Christmas Cookie

I’m a big fan of Snoopy, so when I saw these cute cookies with him wearing a Santa hat and a scarf that is two sizes too large, I wanted to share them. These wonderful Snoopy Christmas Cookies were made by Pretty Little Bakers. Pretty Little Bakers is a mother/daughters trio sharing their cookie creations made with lots of love and are located in San Francisco. They ship cookies and also make DIY decorated cookie kits.

These Snoopy cookies are fantastic. The image of Snoopy is terrific. I really like the fact that Snoopy’s ears and spots are filled in by edible marker. It make him look hand drawn just like in the newspaper strip. Having the scarf so long adds a cute comical touch. Black, white and red are the only colors used in the cookie and that makes the red in the hat and scarf really stand out. These are such awesome cookies.

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