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Snoopy Heart Cookies

Snoopy Heart Cookies

These Snoopy Heart cookies are adorable for a Valentine’s gift. Each cookie is heart shaped. One type has Snoopy holding a pink heart and the other has him holding out his hands smiling. 

These wonderful cookies were made by Xanath Custom Cookie.

Firstly the royal icing pink cookies are stenciled with a gold plaid pattern. A white royal icing Snoopy holding a pink royal icing heart is on top. Snoopy is outlined in black royal icing to set him apart from the cookie beneath.

Snoopy Heart Cookies
Snoopy Heart Cookie

The red royal icing Snoopy heart cookies have a gold polka-dot pattern stenciled onto them. Snoopy is also outlined in black royal icing and his details are drawn in with edible marker.

This is #3 of 14 Valentine’s Day Posts that I am doing. Yesterday I featured, a Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats. Check back tomorrow for another Valentine’s treat  and a pop culture couple.

Check back tomorrow for more pop culture Valentine’s treats.

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